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Category Descriptions

NIBP Module Model NB001 (MONM-BN001)
NIBP Module  Model NB001 (MONM-BN001)
Item No.: MONM-NB001
Low Flow SIDESTREAM End-Tidal CO2 (ETCO2) MODULE Model C300M compatible with Respironics Loflo CO2 sensor
Item No.: MONM-C300M
SmartSat Pulse Oximetry Analyzer
Item No.: SmartSat
OEM ETCO2 MODULE (End-tidal CO2) CO2 Module Model C200 for measuring Respiratory Carbon Dioxide CO2 Sensor
Item No.: MONM-C200

Item Details   ITEM DETAILS  


NT1A Handheld pulse oximeter,Bright,With Alarm Function,Bright, Easy-to-Read Large LED Display,Durable, Compact and Lightweight, Can Be Used for Spot-Check and Continuous Monitoring,Suitable for Adult, Pediatric and Neonate.

NT1A Handheld Pulse Oximeter

  • With Alarm Function
  • Bright, Easy-to-Read Large LED Display
  • Durable, Compact and Lightweight
  • Accurate, Reliable Readings During Low Perfusion and Montion
  • Audible/Visual Alarms with Adjustable Alarm Limits
  • Can Be Used for Spot-Check and Continuous
  • Suitable for Adult, Pediatric and Neonate
  • Product Features :
    • SpO2
      Measurement Range:0~100%
      Accuracy:2% during 70%~100%
                    0%~69% unspecified

    • Pulse Rate
      Measurement range: 30 - 250 BPM
      Accuracy: 1 BPM or 2%
      take the bigger one

    • Visual Displays and Indicators
      Sp02 Display:
      Red LED, variable brightness
      Pulse Rate Display:
      Green LED, Variable brightness
      Pulse intensity: Red LED 8 Bars
      Power Indicator Light: Green
      Low Power Voltage: Red and Blink
      Low Perfusion Indicator:Red

    • Audio Indicators
      Sensor off(Every 30 seconds)
      Pulse beep
      Low Battery

    • Dimensions

    • Weight(with batteries/without batteries)
    • Environmental Specifications
      Opreation Temperature: 0~50℃
      Humidity: ≤95%
      Altitude: -390~5,000m(-1,280~16,404ft)
      Transport/Storage Temperature:
      -40~+70℃ (-40℉~158℉)
      Humidity: ≤95%

    • Power requirements
      Four standard "AA" size Batteries Batteries Capacity: 17 hours

    • Alarm
      Audible and Visual Alarms for High/Low
      SpO2 and Pulse Rate
      Alarm Limits Adjustable
      Alarm Silence Interval:
      Low Perfusion Warning Indicator
      Sensor Disconnect Alarm
      Low-battery Warning Indicator

    • Compliance
      SpO2: ISO9919:2005 
      Safety Standards:
      En60601-1: 1990+A1: 1993+A2:
      1995+A13: 1996 Type BF-Applied
      Alarm: IEC60601-1-1-8: 2005
      EMC: EN60601-1-2: 2001, Group1 ClassA
      Environment: WEEE(2002/96/EC)

    • Warranty
      One year for both Oximeter and sensor

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