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GOLDWEI is a US based leading supplier to the Healthcare Profession and medical equipment manufacturers and specialized in high quality medical equipments, industrial testing instruments, measuring equipments, Patient monitors, OEM modules and medical consuming materials. Our services and expertise have established a reputation for quality, reliability, and value....  Read more >> 

Latest news!
MAINSTREAM CO2 SENSOR C500 is released 
We are pround to announce the new release of tue Mainstream CO2 sensor Model C500 ...   Read more >>

The SIDESTREAM ETCO2 Module Model C300  
GoldWEI is Proud to introduce the release the sidestream ETCO2 Module Model C300, ...   Read more >>

The ETCO2 Module Model C200 
The best cost effective CO2 module for patient monitors in the worldwide market, ...  Read more >>
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    Featured Items
Nafion Dryer Gas Tube CAT 1042 ME-050-12MML Nafion Dryer Gas Tube CAT 1042 ME-050-12MML
Item No.: ACPP-CAT1042
CV-2000A 2003 Argon Plasma Coagulation Unit CV-2000A 2003 Argon Plasma Coagulation Unit
Item No.: HKKW-CV2000A-2003
Patient Monitor MGW6012 Patient Monitor MGW6012
Item No.: PMKM-MGW6012
Multi-Parameter Montior  Model CMS5000 Multi-Parameter Montior Model CMS5000
Item No.: PMCT-CMS5000
IBP Cable 98ME06GA717 IBP Cable 98ME06GA717
Item No.: CBLH-98ME06GA717
Veterinary switching cable 98ME01GB058 Veterinary switching cable 98ME01GB058
Item No.: CBLH-98ME01GB058
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