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Category Descriptions

Low Flow SIDESTREAM End-Tidal CO2 (ETCO2) MODULE Model C300 compatible with Respironics Loflo CO2 sensor
Low Flow SIDESTREAM End-Tidal CO2 (ETCO2) MODULE Model C300 compatible with Respironics Loflo CO2 sensor
Item No.: MONM-C300
HandHeld NIBP Simulator & Digital Manometer
Item No.: Handheld AccuPulse
$0.00    $0.00
MULTI-PARAMETER MODULE 7-IN-1 MODEL AGW0808 Parameter board and Main Board Integrated
Item No.: MOAD-AGW0808
Model MGW830 Multi-Parameter Module 6-in-1 with ECG, RESP, TEMP, NB, SPO2 OEM Board
Item No.: MOKM-MGW830

Item Details   ITEM DETAILS  


Ventilator SHG300
Model Number: SHG300
l         10.4�� TFT color screen
l         Easy setting by navigator wheel knob and touch key
l         Flow and pressure trigger
l         Compliance and Resistance monitor
l         Three-level light and sound alarm, with concise words describing problems
l         Advanced built-in electronic Air-oxygen mixing device
l         Durable and accurate built-in flow sensor
l         Integrated expiration valve, easy to be sterilized
l         Backup apnea ventilation
Technical Data
      Ventilation mode: VCV, PCV, SIMV-V, SIMV-P, PSV, SPONT, CPAP, APRV(optional), BIPAP(optional)
      Tidal volume��50��1500mL
      Breath rate: 1~100bpm
      SIMV breath rate: 1~40bpm
      Inspiratory time: 0.1~12s
      Pause time: 0~4.8s
      Pressure trigger sensitivity: (PEEP-20cmH2O)��PEEP cmH2O
      Flow trigger sensitivity: 1~20LPM
      PSV: 0~70cmH2O
      PCV: 5~70cmH2O
      Low pressure: 0~79cmH2O
      Waveforms displayed: P-T, F-T,V-T, P-V loop, V-F loop
      PEEP/CPAP: 0~50cmH2O
      FiO2:  21%~100%
      Alarm silence: ��120s
      Parameters monitored: Vti, Vte, MV, FiO2,  Ppeak, Pplat, Pmean, PEEP, Fspont, MV spont, Compliance, Resistance
      Interface: RS232,VGA
      Insp Hold; Exp Hold; Manual Insp; O2 Suction; FREEZE
      Pressure safety valve: ��10kPa
Operation Environment
      Power: AC110~240V: 50~60Hz
      Power Consumption: 65VA
      SIZE (Width��Height��Depth) : 400��350��300mm
      Weight: 15Kg (Main Unit)
      Drive mode: pneumatically driven, electronically controlled
      Setting: Knob
      Gas supply: Air & Oxygen, Pressure0.28~0.6Mpa, >50L/min

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Ventilator SHG200 for adult & pediatric

Ventilator SHG200 for adult & pediatric. Microprocessor controlled system, suitable for adult & pediatric, LED display, convenient using, humidifier use electronic knob setting.   
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