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Category Descriptions

NIBP Module Model NB001 (MONM-BN001)
NIBP Module  Model NB001 (MONM-BN001)
Item No.: MONM-NB001
Low Flow SIDESTREAM End-Tidal CO2 (ETCO2) MODULE Model C300M compatible with Respironics Loflo CO2 sensor
Item No.: MONM-C300M
SmartSat Pulse Oximetry Analyzer
Item No.: SmartSat
OEM ETCO2 MODULE (End-tidal CO2) CO2 Module Model C200 for measuring Respiratory Carbon Dioxide CO2 Sensor
Item No.: MONM-C200

Item Details   ITEM DETAILS  


Traditional Electrosurgical Unit CV-2000I. four working modes, product number: 2002
Model Number: CV-2000I
GOLDWEI Item No.: HKKW-CV2000I-2002

Technical Specifications

five working modes

Monopolar Cut

     Cutting:10W‵300W( Load 800次)

     Bloodless cuttingㄩ10W‵200W(Load 800次)

Monopolar Coag

     Electrocoagulation1ㄩ10W‵150W( Load 800次)

     Electrocoagulation2ㄩ10W‵120W( Load 800次)


     Bipolar Electrocoagulation: 5W‵50W( Load 100次)

     High efficient bipolar Electrocoagulation: 5W‵70W( Load 100次)

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Traditional Electrosurgical Unit CV-2000I (APC)

Traditional Electrosurgical Unit CV-2000I (APC). product number: 003   
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Item No.: HKKW-CV2000I-003
Traditional Electrosurgical Unit CV-2000I (monopolar Unit)

Technical Specifications four working modes ↑Monopolar Cutting 1) Cutting:10W‵300W( Load 800次) 2) Bloodless cuttingㄩ10W‵200W(Load 800次) 3) Electric burns: 10W‵120W(Load 800次) ↑Monopolar Coag Electrocoagulationㄩ10W‵120W( Load 800次) Power supply:220V㊣22Vㄛ 50Hz㊣1Hz Working frequency:360‵460kHz  
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Item No.: HKKW-CV2000I-010
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