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We are pround to announce the new release of our mainstream CO2 sensor Model C500

We are proud to announce the release of our mainstream CO2 sensor Model C500. After almost 6 months' research and development efforts, our partnering manufacturer National Medical has newly released the mainstream CO2 sensor Model C500, which is 100% compatible with the respironics mainstream CO2 sensor CAPNOSTAT5.

The Mainstream CO2 Sensor C500 is designed for mainstream measurements using sophisticated infrared absorption spectroscopy to measure ETCO2 with mainstream, measurements are taken directly at the patients airway, so response is faster and there is less chance of erroneous, artifact data. The analyzer portion of the sensor cannot be contaminated with patient secretions, and there are no pumping or pneumatic components to replace. Maintenance requirements and overall cost-of-ownership are minimized. Our exclusive family of airway adapters are easy to use and durable enough even for long-term ventilator patients. Yet, they are inexpensive and disposable. The Mainstream CO2 Sensor C500 can be integrated with other components, software packages and accessories, making it easy for you to configure your patient monitoring systems with state-of-the-art respiratory management and analysis technology now and into the future.

More information about our mainstream CO2 sensor C500 is available by following this link ../products/item.asp?itemid=576

Patient Monitor MGW6012
Patient Monitor MGW6012
NIBP Module  Model NB001 (MONM-BN001)
NIBP Module Model NB001 (MONM-BN001)
Low Flow SIDESTREAM End-Tidal CO2 (ETCO2) MODULE Model C300M compatible with Respironics Loflo CO2 sensor
Low Flow SIDESTREAM End-Tidal CO2 (ETCO2) MODULE Model C300M compatible with Respironics Loflo CO2 sensor
SmartSat Pulse Oximetry Analyzer
SmartSat Pulse Oximetry Analyzer

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