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GoldWEI recently reached exclusive agent agreement with Beijing National Medical Ltd.

GoldWEI recently reached exclusive distributing agreement with Beijing National Medical Ltd. to distribute its major products CO2 Module Model C002 (OEM ETCO2 module) and other product lines in overseas market outside China. The exclusive agent agreement between GoldWEI and National Medical will help National Medical's products to reach a much broader overseas market including India, Turkey, Singapore, Pakistan, South Korea and other Asian countries, Brazil, Argintina in South America, USA, Canada in America, Germany, Spain, etc in Europe, Egypt in Africa, through GoldWEI's global sourcing network and distribution channel.

Beijing National Medical LTD. is a leading manufacturer and medical technology developer in biomedical instruments and measurement equipment. It specializes in monitoring modules and medical testing/measuring equipment. The management team and technical personnel all have years of experience in medical electronics industry, it has successfully developed ECG module, blood pressure module, blood oxygen module, CO2 Module Model C002 (OEM ETCO2 module), and is in process of developing the mainstream CO2 module and anesthesia gas module. The Model C002 CO2 module (ETCO2 MODULE) is the best cost-effective module around the world, and has been widely used by manufacturers producing patient monitors, breathing machine and anesthesia machines.

The joint force of GoldWEI and National Medical is a win-win situation to both companies. GoldWEI is still in talk with National Medical about taking some shareholdings of National Medical to bind the US based GoldWEI corporation and Beijing Based National Medical together.

Model SP100 SPO2 Module (PN: MO-SP100)
Model SP100 SPO2 Module (PN: MO-SP100)
Patient Monitor MGW6012
Patient Monitor MGW6012
NIBP Module  Model NB001 (MONM-BN001)
NIBP Module Model NB001 (MONM-BN001)
Low Flow SIDESTREAM End-Tidal CO2 (ETCO2) MODULE Model C300M compatible with Respironics Loflo CO2 sensor
Low Flow SIDESTREAM End-Tidal CO2 (ETCO2) MODULE Model C300M compatible with Respironics Loflo CO2 sensor

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