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How to calibrate the sidestream ETCO2 module Model C002A?

Warm up the module for 20 minutes before calibration.


Record the gas density, like 5% or 4.93%. T-fitting must be connected when standard gas is entering the pipe of the module. In order to avoid impact from a high gas pressure, we should observe whether the pump is running at normal speed. If the gas pressure is too high, the pump would stop or run very slowly. In this case, the gas flow should be decreased for the pressure to fall to the normal level.


Enter calibration command code after a stable line shows 5% on the monitor. The command code is (Cxxxx), and the xxxx represents the standard gas density. For example, if the density is 4.93%, the instruction code is (C0493). After the command, the previous reading will change into the input value.


(It's a primary method to use standard gas to measure or calibrate. Standard gas is derived from aluminum bottle or a cylinder filled with nitrogen gas which is accounted for N2 95% and 5% CO2. Detection of standard gas concentration is measured by precision instruments. then the high-pressure  gas will go through the relief valve to become standard atmospheric pressure gas, then pass to standard gas to the module through three-fitting pipe, then you can read the read data to display on the monitor or through our software to display the values in your computer.)

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Model SP100 SPO2 Module (PN: MO-SP100)
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