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ETCO2 Module Model C002A Watertrap and Sampling line External Connection Diagram

The ETCO2 module board is mounted inside the monitor; the accessories are all installed outside the instrument. To install the water trap bracket, you need to play four holes (diameter 3cm) on a relatively flat area of the instrument, of which two holes are used for inserting the gas line; the other two holes are used for fastening screws to mount the bracket of the water trap. Water Trap bottle, brackets, and three-way T-fitting are all imported parts and there is no detailed technical parameters, only the sampling line is made in China, the sampling line length is 2.4m with a male and a female LUER connection mouth at the two ends. . I believe when you look at this diagram, you will know how the connection is done. You just need locate a 4cm 7cm area on the instrument for mounting the bracket.


English Translation for the Chinese words on the diagram (from left top to left bottom)


1)      White water trap bracket, with two stick out access mouths to be inserted into the instrument

2)      Water trap, to be mounted on the white bracket, one of the LUER connection mouth is connected with a gas sample line

3)      Gas sample line, one end is connected to the water trap, the other end is connected to the human body or 3-way T-fitting.


Some of the scales shown on the diagram: the width of the narrower side is 2.5cm, the longest width is 4cm. The height of the bracket is about 7cm.


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Model SP100 SPO2 Module (PN: MO-SP100)
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Patient Monitor MGW6012

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